I am a professional photographer based on the Oxfordshire/Wiltshire border. I have been interested in photography for many years, achieved the 'Licentiateship of the Royal Photographic Society' distinction in 2010, and enjoy a variety of photographic genres.

I enjoy photographing people, particularly in relaxed, natural and unstructured ways in outdoor locations. I find it especially interesting if I can include elements of their interests or skills. I have fun when I'm working with people, and my aim is for them to relax and have fun too!

I also love photographing businesses, and as I'm quite nosy I especially like looking for the details which make those businesses special, both people and products! I'm particularly interested in vintage, 'retro' and heritage, so if the businesses are based in old or interesting buildings, or relate in some way to maintaining our heritage, I'm particularly fascinated. In the last year I've photographed businesses ranging from a supplier of stainless steel exhausts - some go on very nice classics! - to my local golf course - which involved a very chilly day in some beautiful countryside and a nice hot meal in the clubhouse afterwards!

I own a VW camper van, and regularly photograph other VW vans, whether vintage 'split screens' or modern T5s or T6s. I write as well as shoot for magazines, and I enjoy finding out how people use their vans, and what they have done with them to make them unique.

I am especially interested in photographing historic aircraft, particularly from the WWII era. Their significance as 'living memorials' cannot be underestimated, and I am fascinated by those who work to keep them flying, and to keep the memory of those who flew them alive today.

Warbird Photography

My interest in aircraft is inherited from my mother, who learned to fly when I was young and took me from airfield to airfield practically from babyhood. We were regular visitors to air shows too!

If you're interested in being photographed in a relaxed, outdoor environment, would like your classic or modern vehicle photographed, or need someone to photograph your product, workplace, or event, please contact me. Details are on the Contact tab.